Smartphones Transform Business as Usual

I flew to San Francisco this week to attend a conference. At the airport, on public transit, and in the tourist hot spots, I was struck by the frequency with which I saw folks from all walks of life interacting with SmartPhones.  No doubt they were texting, surfing the net, checking social networks, processing email, and leveraging entertainment options. When industry pundits predict mobile web access will eclipse desktop access, I believe!

woman with smartphoneFolks have been beating the drums about building mobile-friendly websites for quite some time. [They’re right!] But the explosion in mobile usage means more than an uptick in the degree to which small screens display content. It also means that folks are becoming even bigger consumers of – and contributors to – Internet content.

Just think…

Every dull moment becomes an opportunity to fill one’s time with web content.
Every question (or debate) can give rise to a spontaneous web search.
Every purchase decision can be researched for competitive offerings, price comparisons, consumer reviews.
Every experience – good and bad – can become an on-line testimonial.

It’s well worth your time to think about the ways in which this sea change creates opportunities or presents challenges for your operation. Some questions to consider:

  • Are folks posting reviews about your products and services? Your competitors? What are they saying? What are you doing about it?
  • Do you have an on-line marketing strategy that draws people to your website when they have questions or need some information? Do you provide incentive to go from a drive-by visitor to a prospect or customer?
  • Have you put the welcome mat out for people to interact with you on-line? Do you provide timely response?
  • With whom should you forge relationship to share on-line referrals (a.k.a. your “trusted network”) and/or cross-pollinate content?

Traditional marketing channels (direct mail, print ads, telemarketing, trade shows) have been giving way to inbound marketing channels (blogs, social media, search engine optimization, paid search) for some time now. The proliferation of SmartPhones will accelerate that transition.

What changes are you making in response to the brave, new, wireless world?