Seven Common Mistakes on Blog Posts

I’ve written several posts on WHY you should consider blogging and HOW to make the most of this tool. So it’s only fair that I help you avoid blogging mistakes.

Here’s my top 7 list:

  1. blogging mistakeUninspiring title. Readers make choices about whether to read blog posts based on titles. Make sure yours are engaging and descriptive.
  2. Too much content. Folks want “quick hit” advice. Keep your posts short (single topic) and use bold print to make the content scannable.
  3. Too much jargon. Write like the popular professor, not the class know-it-all. Use a friendly, familiar, respectful tone.
  4. No image. Posts with pictures get more play than ones without them. Make a connection between the image and the content. (Be creative!) Honor applicable laws.
  5. No invitation to engage. Your readers have ideas, opinions, questions, and comments that may interest others (and expand your horizons!) Put out a welcome mat to encourage contribution.
  6. No response to comments. Community engagement is a gift. If you’re lucky enough to get folks to enter the conversation, be courteous enough to return the favor.
  7. No call to action. If you’ve done the hard work of attracting visitors to your site, “make them an offer they can’t refuse.” The specifics will depend on your business model and their place in the sales cycle. Examples: free consultation, industry survey, white paper, product discount, gift card, etc.

Do you read or write blog posts? What are your “pet peeves”?