Is Blogging LIke Jogging?

One of my colleagues posed that question during a promo for one of my workshops. He got a good reaction from the crowd (and yours truly). I didn’t hesitate with my response: “YES! Blogging is like jogging!” Here’s why:

joggerIt is good for you.
Folks who blog regularly get more inbound traffic to their websites and generate more leads from their visitors. People – and search engines – reward fresh, relevant content.

You need the right “tools” to give you the most benefit.
Creative juices and solid writing skills certainly head the list of effective blogging tools! Beyond that, you’ll need applications that help you:

  • Choose long-tail keywords wisely
  • Create, edit, categorize, and post blogs
  • Engage readers in lively dialog (while filtering out the spammers)
  • Make it easy for folks to share entries
  • Track results

You must persist to reap the benefits.
You need to post regularly to get noticed by search engines and build an audience. The more you blog, the bigger the boost to inbound traffic and lead generation.

Scheduled work habits work better than random will power.
Establish a rolling 3-month editorial calendar that lists your topics, keywords, blog titles, calls to action, and target publication dates. With that in hand, make appointments with yourself to write and publish your posts. Absent this discipline, it’s really easy to put it off… and put it off… and pretty soon you’re not blogging anymore.

You need to develop a rhythm and style that work for you.
Blogging works best if it isn’t “painful.” If you struggle with writing, build a handful of templates into which you can weave your content. As you gain experience, you’ll get more creative while still keeping your writing time within acceptable boundaries.

So… are you ready to run?