How to Write Great Blog Posts

So you’ve seen data on the advantages of blogging. You recognize the potential for increasing traffic to your website and generating more leads. You’ll commit to posting blogs regularly. Way to go! There’s only one little problem: What are you going to write about?

It’s easier than you think to come up with topics to populate your blogging publications plan. Here’s a starter list to trigger brainstorming:

  1. write great blog postsAnswer questions that come up in sales calls, customer service interactions, and/or third party forums
  2. Respond to common customer complaints
  3. Provide a perspective on industry trends based on what you’re seeing in the market
  4. Summarize third party research; add your two cents
  5. Conduct your own survey and share findings (with charts and commentary) in multiple posts
  6. Comment on recent news – e.g., changes in regulations, new players, mergers, product announcements, etc.
  7. Provide check lists, guides, best practices
  8. Share a recent experience
  9. Invite colleagues to lend their expertise in complementary products, services
  10. Identify great resources on the web; share links with your readers
  11. Write “How To” content; demonstrate your prowess in a video blog
  12. Offer customer success stories
  13. Respond to provocative editorials, articles, third party blog posts
  14. Write a provocative editorial!
  15. Amplify your recent press release
  16. Summarize content from articles or white papers that you’ve written; provide links to the source material
  17. Write a book report; help your readers decide whether or not it’s worthwhile to read it for themselves
  18. Follow popular industry blogs (or consumer review sites) and read the comments; summarize key themes
  19. Create Top 10 lists (or Top 7, or Top 12, …)
  20. Choose a long tail keyword for which you’d like search placement and work it into a blog

Are there other types of posts that you’d add to a publications plan?