Maren SymondsWeb sites, blogs, and social networking have become standards for promoting a business or non-profit. Whether you're a one-person shop or a multi-national corporation, people expect to learn all about you on the web.

I started Build Followers Communications, LLC to help small businesses and non-profits leverage web-based tools to attract interest in their organizations and transform casual visitors into committed followers. My approach is grounded in the fundamentals:

  • An awareness of the relevant market and competitive dynamics
  • A keen sense for what makes each organization stand out from the crowd
  • A deep understanding of the target constituents - e.g., customers, prospects, influencers, investors, donors, volunteers - and their interests, needs, preferences, and motivations
  • A realistic assessment of the client's capacity to invest time, talent, and money in marketing communications

This framework forms the basis for tactical planning and content development. Stellar content is magnetic - it attracts and holds attention.

As an experienced strategist, marketing professional, writer, and technologist, I bring the right combination of skills to each client engagement. Together, we create compelling content, identify appropriate venues for publication (e.g., web sites, blogs, social networks), and set up tools to support, manage, and evaluate marketing programs.

I've worked for small companies and non-profits throughout my career. I am passionate about helping them succeed. I would love to be your guide as you explore the brave new world of marketing.

Maren Symonds